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MoU signing to uplift the economy of the Kuala Langat community

September 4, 2019, Serdang - The Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products (INTROP) has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with YB Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, the Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources and Kuala Langat Member of Parliament. The intention of having an MoU is to appreciate the efforts of INTROP researchers, Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohamed Thariq bin Haji Hameed Sultan who has set up the Pineapple Hub in Kuala Langat on April 20, 2019.


The proposal is to establish the MoU as a collaborative platform that covers various aspects such as education, economics and research. Among the programs stated in the MoU between UPM and YB Dr. Xavier Jayakumar is a Professor on Duty which is a program involving students from UPM will be put forward to help primary / secondary school students to understand mathematical learning techniques. In addition, the production of fully automated pineapple leaf extract machines will be undertaken to generate income to improve the community economy in the Kuala Langat area. The production of Yenkee pineapple book with YB Dr. Xavier will also serves as a catalyst for young people to emulate his noble cause.


In addition to the education and economic aspects, the MoU also includes sharing of expertise and knowledge with the people of Kuala Langat including community forestry development. The MoU also promoted UPM as a nationally recognized university in cooperation with the Member of Parliament. The collaboration between UPM and YBM Dr. Xavier will help to expand the research in INTROP with the exploration of new bio resources in Kuala Langat area.


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