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Activity Report

May 30 - Hari Raya Celebration and Al-Quran Khatam Ceremony organized by the management and Staff Welfare Club (KSI) INTROP was held at the Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products. The ceremony started with Khatam Al-Quran led by Mr. Mohd Ramzi Abdul and all members (KSI) of INTROP were also involved in completing the Khatam Al-Quran ceremony. Then the ceremony continued with the Hari Raya Celebration. A variety of dishes are available and all INTROP members (KSI) enjoy the Hari Raya atmosphere. Events like this can increase the camaraderie among staff.


August 13 - The Bowling Tournament organized by the INTROP Staff Welfare Club (KSI) was held at Wangsa Bowl IOI City Mall Putrajaya. This is the first time that this kind of tournament is held especially for all members (KSI) of INTROP. A total of 20 participants took part in this tournament and were drawn into four (4) groups. The tournament starts at 2pm and ends at 4.30pm. The Champion of the Tournament this time was borne by the 'Antlers Bowlers' group. Runner-up group 'Strike' while third place (3) group 'Sitting Elephant' and fourth (4) group 'Usha Padat'. The individual prize for the highest number of pin drops for the male category was held by Mr. Amzi, ​​while the female individual with the highest number of pin drops was held by Ms. Amirah Nur Amallina Binti Osman. Congratulations to the winners of this tournament and thank you to everyone who participated in this tournament.



Sept 9 - The INTROP Staff Club has organized a Celebration Program for Independence Month and Malaysia Day involving all INTROP staffs. This program is conducted in the Biocomposite Laboratory Training Room. The activity started with the Yaasin Recitation Ceremony, led by Mr. Mohd Ramzi Abdul. In the afternoon session, the Explorace Merdeka activity was carried out with the participation of 20 staff members. In this activity, the staff is divided into four groups and there are four stations. These four stations are around INTROP. At each station, participants in the group have to carry out activities that have been set and evaluation marks will be given based on the creativity and the time taken to complete the activity. The activities at the stations are; Merdeka Quiz, Video re-enactment of the independence scene, Merdeka Pictures, and Biosumber's Gemilang Jalur. Apart from the Explorace Merdeka activities, the recitation of the Independence Poem was also held with the participation of Miss Nur Aina Adlina and Mr. Mohd Ramzi. The program ends with a prize giving session to the winners, the singing of the independence song and a photo session.


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