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Development of PUTRA Frame Product from Biocomposite Material

INTROP is recognized as an institute that conducts research in the field of natural fibres and biocomposites. A discussion between the UPM’s Treasurer Office and INTROP was arranged to identify the high potential projects that can be developed and commercialised. One of the proposed projects that has been approved by the University Management Board is development of certificate/picture frame project, and the frame was branded as PUTRA Frame. The chassis of PUTRA Frame is made from 100% biocomposite material without reinforced by any metals or alloys. Biocomposite material has been chosen because of production cost of the environmental-friendly products can be lessened through utilisation of natural fibres as fillers. Furthermore, the usage of synthetic polymer matrix can also be decreased, and this possibly can reduce solid waste pollution. The biocomposite was processed and produced by using plastic extrusion and injection moulding machines that available in the INTROP. The materials that have been used for production of the biocomposite are natural fibre and commodity plastic. The natural fibre namely kenaf core fibre is entirely obtained from local producer. On the other hand, the special design of PUTRA Frame was selected via the competition which is organised by INTROP and Faculty of Design and Architecture, UPM. The project also involves UPM's Asnaf students to assist in development of PUTRA Frame such as materials extrusion, composites moulding and components installation works. The objectives of involving the Asnaf students are to train and provide opportunities for them to generate side income, and give exposure to the working environment as well. The PUTRA Frame can be employed as an exclusive souvenir for UPM events for example convocation, university occasions or for sale at UPM Putra Mart. This can sustain UPM as green university and at the same time it can generate income to the UPM.



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